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This page is intended as an information sharing facility.  Any member may use the page to seek advice from other members.

For the time being queries must be made via Rob Strevens at  Rob will feed the questions here  and will post any responses here.  This is a temporary arrangement while Rob works out how to achieve the direct postings of Qs and As.  The first questions are posed by Kim H:

Veggie Questions:

1. Sowed peas 3 weeks ago in raised bed, nothing came up, what could be the problem?

2. Sowed peas 2 weeks ago in pots in greenhouse, only about 50% have come up, what could be the problem?

3. I have two aubergine plantlets in pots, when should I plant them outside?

4. I have a cucumber plantlet in a pot, do I grow this up a cane (like tomatoes) or does it just sprawl on the ground?

5. Sowed delphinium seeds six weeks ago in propogator, nothing came up so sowed more in seed tray in greenhouse with same result, why do my plants hate me?


19 May

Anthea O' T says, "I remember my parents blaming the non appearance of pea plants on mice. Their solution was to soak the peas in paraffin!"

Rob S says, "As I posed the question I too thought of mice being a nuisance with peas.  I also remember the suggested solution of paraffin.  However, I have to admit to hating peas, so I have never tried growing them."

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